Welcome to the Pink Petals Foundation 

Vision Statement:

That every woman be given the opportunity to flourish after surviving Breast Cancer.

Mission Statement:

Pink Petals Foundation strives to assist women, without medical insurance and limited financial resources, receive the highest quality surgery in breast reconstruction after breast mastectomy.

Pink Petals: Caring for the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors

Since its establishment, Pink Petals has been able to provide care for many underprivileged women in the Miami area. For each of these patients, Pink Petals has covered the cost of all aspects of treatment, from the initial evaluation to follow up care.
As the foundation is one of a kind, hundreds of women from across the globe apply each year to become a Pink Petals sister. Unfortunately, due to limited funding, many women must be turned away. Through implementing various initiatives to circulate awareness, the organization hopes to raise enough funding to be able to accept and treat many more applicants each year.